22 ways of using Social Media With Blooms Taxonomy

Reflecting on the benefits of social media for learning and how I have found social media and other online communication forms beneficial to my own learning, a blog posted in teachbytes provides an insightful table listing the ways that twitter can be applied to Blooms Taxonomy (remember, understand, apply, analyse, evaluate, create). Although this table focuses on twitter, I would think that this model can be effectively applied to more social media forums than just twitter. What about a classroom community blogging account? Where students can also create their own media, Communicate their ideas and arguments, Evaluate each others’ ideas, Analyse the basis of arguements or debates which arise, Apply understanding by writing or commenting about relevant real world events and Draw upon prior knowledge relevant to topics discussed to synthise an understanding.

I like this application of Blooms Taxonomy with Twitter, although I think there is still many, many more possibilities!!

Here is the image of the table from teachbytes

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