Useful citation guide for Social Media.

A helpful little link has been provided on our study desk this week, ‘A Great Guid on How to Cite Social Media using both MLA and APA Styles‘. I think I will be utilising this a lot more from here on out, I only wish I had come across this earlier! The guide provide explicit examples of referencing different forms of social media such as, bloggs, youtube, facebook posts, tweets and emails!

In the last two and a half years of tertiary education, you can only imagine the amount of references I have listed at the end of all the 35 plus Assignments I have submitted! I must admit, that referencing is something I still struggle with, I understand the importance of it, although it seems, if there is just one comma or full stop placed slightly wrong, then you lose marks, I pour myself for hours over my little penguine handbook which provides a guide for all different styles of referencing trying my best to make sure everything is ship-shape! When it comes to referencing Social Media I have always been a little unsure, but not anymore! Thank you David Jones, for posting this helpful little citation guide!

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