Exploring Music with Technology!!

I have been teaching my¬† 4 and a half yr old son music every morning, he just loves it, he’s been learning chords these past couple of days and experimenting with different sounds. He has a little melodica my in-laws bought for him. I also play the flute and my husband sings and plays guitar, so it’s about time we did something more constructive with abilities (I’m not going to say talent). This interest in teaching music and learning about ICT’s got me curious about interactive and educational music games for students. I came across a website called Sphinx Kids! Which features classical music compositions and interactive games for children to engage with and experiment with sound. They learn about famous composers, get to play around with different scales using a range of instruments!! The more I delved into this website, the more I saw potential for music to be so easily integrated into the classroom through ICT and authentic learning experiences. There are so many benefits of exploring and learning about music, students learn patterns, maths and so much more when exploring music and sound. I just had to share this with you all!! I hope you enjoy navigating through the website and having a little play yourself! I must note, that if your Internet connection is slow it will make it quite painful using this website, it is advised that you have a high speed Internet connection.

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